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Super Receptionist

The name of this service itself conveys the substantive message. Super Receptionist is a phone service which keeps track of your business calls the entire day. With Virtual assistant we keep up, your callers will have the capacity to have their question recognized. It elements call steering office, in order to encourage your clients with the best of the administrations.

The Virtual receptionist has been made to help you round the clock. This virtual receptionist is modified to welcome guests with an expert welcome message took after by a rundown of alternatives for the determination.

Miss Call Alert

Missed Call Alert (MCA) is a Lead Generation Service. The service is very useful and efficient in innovation in the present world of IT technologies. In this we prove a Toll Free Number. It implies that when dialed a guest number is enrolled and if needed by your customer an Auto Reply SMS is send to the guest expressing gratitude toward him for calling and advising him that we have registered his Number and One of our Executives will Call him Back Soon to Understand his requirements/Concerns.

Click to Call

There's hardly a better way than a cloud PBX solution to assist you with improving your business phone system and cut the costs. It makes your phone system work better and faster for less, without loads of expensive on-site equipment and headache! In cloud PBX integration there are lots of other technical steps involved, but we are able to take care of it and execute this business. No task is too big. You can just focus on your business and get the results of enhanced performance.

Business SMS

Business SMS from its emergence and inception considered to be an outstanding trend among all business ventures. SMS services for business has become an absolute essential for every individual working to ramp up the performance of business flow. Bulk business SMS serves multiple such purposes as marketing, ales, promotions, and so on. Bulk SMS business uses an innumerable count, giving its users countless benefits to reap.

Tollfree Number

Manage your work in a flow and in context bringing creativity! It can be simply done with Tringal. You don't need to spend the time on searching through email chains or long phone calls anymore.

The functionality of Tringal panel allows you to share your easily and gather feedback logically — right on the work itself.


Reports of Tringal you can easilt monitor all the necessary details of your calls, e.g. call duration, call start and end time, the area of caller code, etc. Report it with no time!

Email Marketing

We provide our partners with a comprehensive Email Marketing Solutions, which includes everything you need to send and track from email marketing for your benefits, and even much more. This service in our package also includes the bunch of powerful tools for automatization your follow up marketing and customer feedback loops to reach the goals

Digital Marketing

Having a well-structured Digital Marketing & Measurement Model is a really good idea to implement for those companies who are aiming to optimize their processes and score high. Let's improve your business performance with Digital Marketing solutions together!

Digital marketing activities are necessary for better interacting with your clients. It will allow you to understand who your target market is, where to find them, how to engage with them and build a relationship. And of course it helps to measure your ROI.

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